Possible Awards

Every year, our customers and their families make their goals possible. Just Better Care employees assist, motivate and inspire them on their journey.

The Possible Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of our people. Nominate a Just Better Care employee who deserves to be recognised.


People making possible happen

Office Category Winner

Nicole - Just Better Care Ryde Parramatta & Bankstown

Congratulations Nicole on being named the 2021 National Just Better Care Possible Award winner in the office staff category.

Celebrating her first year with a big impact

Nicole has brought boundless energy and enthusiasm to the position that impresses everyone in our office. No task is too much, in fact, Nicole is eager to learn as much as possible about all facets of the business. But it is in her relationship building that Nicole really shines, to the point that she has received 3 nominations from Community Support Professionals – unprecedented for our office!

Committed to Just Better Care values

Nicole is friendly, kind and supportive. She is non-judgemental, is there to give the field staff as much time as they need to discuss any issues they have, either work-related or personal. She is patient and doesn’t rush them if they call the office. She will make every effort to solve any problems they have and as a result, they feel that she “has their back”, which is very comforting for staff working independently in the community.

Recognised and Rewarded

“Our customers also know she is there for them to have their services tailored to their needs and to have all of their preferences conveyed to care staff so that they are able to feel safe, secure and supported in their homes. Nicole has truly embraced all of the JBC values and makes sure they are implemented in a timely manner.” said Lyn Caruso, Director, Just Better Care Ryde Parramatta & Bankstown

“Nicole has embraced the values of the organisation, eager to learn everything to do with the industry. Nicole is patient with staff and is the go-to person to assist them when they have IT problems. This could be with the Just Better Care systems or personally with their devices. Nicole does not judge but instead is reassuring and gives them the confidence to do their job to the best of their ability” said Lyn Caruso, Director, Just Better Care Ryde Parramatta & Bankstown

“Nicole’s warmth, joy for life, love of people, both staff and customers, is evident to all. Nicole is a huge asset to Just Better Care and to the industry she has embraced.

Even though relatively new to the job, Nicole has been a wonderful mentor and role model to the newer members of our office staff. Nicole has a welcoming nature as well as patience and generosity in sharing of her knowledge and experience.”

Community Category Winner

Sue - Just Better Care Hawkesbury Nepean & Blue Mountains

Congratulations Sue on being named the 2021 National Just Better Care Possible Award Community Category winner.

No issue too big for Sue

Nothing is ever an issue for Sue and she always advocates on behalf of the customer to ensure that their needs are heard and met.

Customer-Centric Care

Sue provided support for two Just Better Care customers (sisters) for almost 10 years. After relocating to residential care, Sue continued to take the sisters out into the community.

They were 103 and 101 years old.

“Sue allowed them both to continue living independently at home for as long as possible, allowed the sisters to visit each other regularly each week when they were physically unable to live together and allowed them both to continue their active social life out in the community for almost 10 years.” said Cassie Thompson, Operations Manager, Just Better Care Hawkesbury Nepean and Blue Mountains.

Qualities of Excellence

  • Consistently builds a positive rapport with her customers.
  • Always ensuring comfort and safety is a priority of her customers.
  • Team player.
  • Always represents Just Better Care in a professional manner.

Customer Nomination

“Thank you Sue for the care and professionalism you have always shown to my Mother and my Aunt.

 No amount of praise could do her justice.

Sue has become part of the family and will always be special to me.”

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